The first business of a devotee or a transcendentalist is to keep his mind always focused on Krishna. One must always think of Krishna and not forget Him, even for a moment. Constant full concentration of the mind on the Supreme Lord is called samadhi, or trance. In order to concentrate the mind on Krsna, … Continue reading CAREFULLY CONTROL THE MIND



NAMA RUCI To take care of yourself ensure you develop a taste for the holy name. This will make you constantly satisfied and help you deal with other areas of your life. VAISNAVA SEVA To take care of devotees - serve them. Serve them in any way you can. Serve their body, mind, and spirit … Continue reading CARE MODEL


It is when you are most busy that you have to stop, think, and draw upon your inner wisdom. When we are most busy or under pressure we tend to make our biggest mistakes, so we need at least a few minutes to think, reconnect to our conscience, and make a wise decision - in … Continue reading BUSY


At one meeting I was objecting about some of our leaders being negative. One of the leaders challenged: "Why are you so negative about our being negative?" Everyone laughed and I accepted the defeat. I have often observed the same pattern: we try to correct someone by doing the same thing to him that he … Continue reading BEING NEGATIVE