1. Listen emphatically
2. Seek first to understand
3. First diagnose, then prescribe
4. Ask relevant questions
5. Ask them to make a list of questions they need to ask themselves in relation to their goals and problems
6. Help them to build pillars of wisdom and strength for their life
7. Help them create a Personal Mission Statement
8. Help them define their key roles and goals
9. Encourage them to see everything through the eyes of scriptures
10. Help them to see Krsna’s hand in every situation
11. Induce them to learn from every situation
12. Help them to forgive
13. Induce them to chant and read regularly
14. Induce them to hear spiritual and motivational speeches
15. Show them that their life is important to you and that you care
16. Give them gifts or money
17. Feed them prasadam (sanctified food)
18. Induce them to sing and dance more
19. Inspire them by your own example
20. Teach them that happiness is a choice

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